Students and Dysart Employee parents can log into the Student/Parent Portal using their Dysart network accounts.

    Parents/Guardians creating an account will need the following information in order to create an account. This information must be entered exactly as it exists in Dysart's Student Management System. If there are multiple students in your household, you only need to register for one student. Once logged in, all students in the household are automatically linked to the single account.*

    • Requestor First Name (Parent/Guardian first name as it appears on the student Enrollment form).
    • Requestor Last Name (Parent/Guardian last name as it appears on the student Enrollment form).
    • Email Address
    • Student First Name (Parent/Guardian must be marked as a Portal user of this student)
    • Student Last Name
    • Student Birth Date
    • Student Birth State (Born outside of the US is also an option)
    • Student Grade
    • Student ID
    • Household Address Number (ex: 1234 W. Main St. Apt 56 - choose 1234)
    • School and Homeroom Teacher for student entered above

*If any problems are encountered during the sign up process, please contact your child's school. The school staff will confirm that the Parent/Guardian has Portal rights to the student and verify the information entered during the sign up process is current and updated in the Student Management System.

NOTICE: The process allows for two (2) attempts to create an account. After two (2) failed attempts you are locked out for 24 hours. The process may be repeated after the 24 hour period.

To continue to the account creation processs, please verify that you have read the above instructions.
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